Monday, September 26, 2011

Fight Like a Girl

My third round of chemo went great, sounds like an oxymoron, at least compared to the others! The treatment center was full of women this time! It sounded like a beauty shop, only we weren't there to primp ourselves, but rather hope to improve our health and prognosis. After talking with some of the women for a little, I decided to take a much needed nap. This was a treat!  I have a 9 month at home and for those of you with little ones running around, three hour naps are few and far between!

That night after my treatment, I felt strong enough and hungry enough to make dinner and I insisted! Not only is preparing and cooking your food a healthier option to eating out, but budget friendly, and for me, a stress reliever.  If you are also on a strict diet, such as low sodium, it can also be very difficult to eat out and know exactly how the chef prepared your food!

This winter I plan to host a Mindful Eating class. Mindful eating includes paying full attention to the experience of eating and drinking, both inside and outside the body! It is an amazing concept, and once put into practice, will give you more appreciation for more nutritious foods and drink and a healthier lifestyle. Keep your eyes open for the class; more details to come!

Along with healthy eating habits, and moderate exercise, the last round of chemo appears to be BEATING the lupus nephritis! As I always say Beat Lupus! For the last 3 days, I can see my ankles! Thats right, my ankles-not cankles! I think I admired my ankles for about 3 hours and was excited to sport my GATOR sun dress for the past Gator game! My energy level is up, and I am starting to feel like "Laura" again. 

The day after my chemo, I had the honor of presenting my company, Back to Balance, at the Women in Business Network fair at Flagler college. I met some amazing women, talked nutrition, and shared my passion for a healthy lifestyle! It was great to get out, market my business again, and meet some other very inspiring women in business!

In honor of all the wonderful, hard working women in the world... FIGHT LIKE A GIRL!

She has achieved success who has lived well; laughed often and loved much;… who has filled her niche and accomplished her task; … who has always looked for the best in others and given the best she had; whose life was an inspiration. ~ Mrs A. J. Stanley