Thursday, August 25, 2011

Exercising with Chronic Illness

Day 3:
Most of my friends and family know I am a morning person. I wake up energized and love the feeling that I can start over that day!  I usually wake up around 6am and if any later, my husband knows something is not right!

This morning I woke up ready to swim some laps! Exercise has always been a part of my life and I often treat it as a medication; without it, I feel ill!  In my own experience, I feel exercise is most essential for chronic pain, but it can also be very difficult when fighting the pain!  I have found that once I get moving and face the pain, my pain level decreases throughout the day.  I just bite my tongue and keep moving.  Luckily, I learned to swim at a young age and LOVE the water!  It is easier on my joints and helps me keep the weight off!

I always enjoy my time spent working out with friends. It also helps the time fly by, especially when you find yourself in deep conversation while riding bikes or kicking laps in the pool!
My friend Susan picked me up this morning to swim some laps. She is an AMAZING chef by the way, and can offer some great advice on cooking healthy meals and great cooking tips to help you organize yourself around the kitchen! You can check out her business @

Some of you reading my blog may already face chronic pain or have a friend that is facing chronic pain. You might be overweight and attempting to exercise for the first time.  It is not an easy road to start, but it will be well worth the journey once completed! I encourage you or your friends to seek advice from a health care professional such as a physical therapist or exercise specialist ( for more information and tips regardimg exercise, and how it can help you and the pain you are facing!

"He who hesitates is lost" American Proverb/Author unknown